Specialty Chemicals through Engineered Biology

Yeast Bioengineering: Tailored, Reliable and Sustainable Products

In Biopetrolia we aim to reduce the need for petrol and excessive exploitation of natural resources to produce products such as cosmetic bioingredients, specialty chemicals, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, food ingredients, flavours and fragrances.


Sustainable and environmentally-friendly production

Our bio-based technology provides a sustainable and environmentally-friendly way to produce these products while conserving, and even improving products’ properties. This is possible through the use of modified yeasts capable of converting raw sugars from sustainable sources into key ingredients for multiple applications.


Our concept: Innovation through Yeast Biotechnology

Yeast has been established as an industrial organism for thousands of years due to its efficiency in converting raw sugars into alcohol through a process known as fermentation. We have seen this biological factory employed in the production of bread and wine, and in the recent century, bioethanol as a biofuel.

Using sugar, we create valuable products

Our yeast cells produce specialty ingredients instead of ethanol

Today, synthetic biology and metabolic engineering allow us to take this organism to a whole new level. Using the same capacity and robustness as before integrated with next-generation synthetic biology tools, we are able to engineer novel yeast strains capable of producing a whole new set of products and ingredients from the same raw sugar sources.


How we re-engineer yeast

For the development of these strains we rely on a set of optimized tools, including synthetic biology, systems biology, genome engineering and biosensors technology. Combining cutting-edge technology with world-leading expertise, we are able to continuously develop better strains with a reduced metabolic flux towards ethanol formation and improved capacity to produce more valuable compounds.

We have optimized tools for efficient development of yeast cell factories. Using these tools, we have created several yeast platform strains allowing for “plug and play” production of different product classes.

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Our proprietary yeast strains offer several advantages over existing processes.

Cost-effective and environmentally-friendly production of compounds that are:

Introduction of tailor-made properties into molecules

Independence from market fluctuations of the traditional production process

Stable, scalable and on-purpose production

Use of locally-produced biomass as a feedstock

Sustainable and “green” products

Produced exclusively through a selective biological process (no chemical processing!)