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Why Biopetrolia?

We create yeast cell factories

Biopetrolia was founded to explore the synergy between science, engineering and entrepreneurship as a way to provide solutions to some of today’s sustainability problems. From a group known for its in-depth knowledge and world expertise in synthetic biology and metabolic engineering of yeast cell factories, the company was created as vehicle to transfer these evolving technologies to the market and industry.

How do we operate?

Biopetrolia currently holds a patent portfolio that allows us to develop yeast strains for production of different compounds, especially oleochemicals.


Biopetrolia received a pre-seed grant from Novoseeds for product and business development.

Management and People

Biopetrolia is small group of dedicated and passionate people with a sense of mission for groundbreaking research and bringing innovation to the market.


Anastasia Krivoruchko, PhD

Anastasia holds a PhD in biology with a focus on molecular adaptations to stress. At present, she supervises various activities aimed at cell factory development. Anastasia has a strong interest in creating synergies between academic and industrial research and has been involved in coordinating collaborations with industrial partners. Anastasia is a co-author of several patent applications and multiple scientific publications.


Florian David, PhD, Dr. Tech.

Board of Directors, COO
Florian holds a PhD degree in Biotechnology with a focus on holistic bioprocess optimization. He coordinated projects ranging from upstream strain development to bioprocess optimization and downstream processing. These resulted in several publications and patent applications. For his studies, he was awarded the Biotechnica Award and the Bluesens© Competition Award.
Florian sees a great potential in combining science, engineering and entrepreneurship towards biotechnology innovations.


Jens Nielsen, Professor

Chairman of the Board, CSO
Jens heads a research group of more than 80 researchers, and he has a very strong international profile in the field of metabolic engineering and systems biology. He has co-authored more than 400 research papers in international peer-reviewed journals, which have been cited more than 13000 times. He is the inventor of more than 35 issued patents and patent applications, and he has founded 4 companies that combined have raised more than €25 million in venture capital.


André Kelkkanen, PhD

Board of Directors
Business advisor at Chalmers and responsible for the University pre-commercialization funding program. PhD in Theoretical Surface Science with focus on catalysis-related applications. André is a Civil Engineer in electrical engineering  with a masters degree in business design and entrepreneurship from Chalmers School of entrepreneurship.


Henrik Dalbøge

Board of Directors
Henrik has through more than 30 years been involved in the establishment and growth of the international biotech and life science industry in Denmark. Henrik has worked in Chr. Hansen, Novozymes, Novo Nordisk, and Nordisk Gentofte, from where he has substantial business, strategy and scientific experience. He has been responsible for development of several commercialized products both within the biopharmaceutical- and the industrial biotechnology area, and he has led the creation of successful business operations with high and very profitable growth rates.


Jan Svärd

Board of Directors
More than 30 years of international management experience in the Specialty Chemicals industry. Former Director of AkzoNobel and President of Eka Chemicals. In addition to operational positions Jan has been an active Chairman and board member of several medium sized companies, research and branch organizations with a focus on the Process industry. Jan is particularly interested in developing new concepts and innovations into successful sustainable businesses.



Verena Siewers, PhD

Project Leadership and Management
Verena has a PhD from the University of Münster, Germany, with a focus on fungal genetics and molecular biology. As postdoc at the Technical University of Denmark, she has worked on production of non-ribosomal peptides in yeast. Since then she has been involved in several projects aiming to produce biofuels and chemicals in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.


Paulo Gonçalves Teixeira

Communication and Research
Paulo is currently a PhD Student at Chalmers developing new strategies for production of fatty acids and fatty-acid derived chemicals. He has a MSc. in biochemistry from theUniversity of Coimbra, Portugal and experience in biotechnology and microbiology from work at Biocant and CNC – Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology. Paulo is very enthusiastic on exploring the interface between science and different technologies to drive innovation.


Kathleen Szeker, PhD

Research Scientist
Kathleen holds a PhD degree from the Technische Universität Berlin with a focus on molecular biology and biocatalysis. After her PhD she worked several years in industry in the field of synthetic biology for the production of fine chemicals. Her current research at Biopetrolia is focused on metabolic engineering for the sustainable production of yeast-derived chemicals.


StefanStefan Tippmann, PhD

Research Scientist
Stefan is a passionate biochemical engineer with several years of experience in fermentation and metabolic engineering. He has a M.Sc. in Biosystems Engineering from the University of Magdeburg, Germany and a PhD in Biotechnology from Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg. During his PhD he was studying production of isoprenoids in yeast. He joined Biopetrolia as research scientist to work on engineering of yeast metabolism for production of fatty acid derived chemicals.


zongjieZongjie Dai, PhD

Research Scientist
Zongjie obtained a PhD in Microbiology from the University of Science and Technology of China, focusing on molecular biology and metabolic engineering of anaerobic bacteria. He did his postdoctoral training at Chalmers University of Technology, where he worked on engineering the central carbon metabolism of yeast. In Biopetrolia, his current research involves metabolic engineering of yeast for production of biochemicals. Zongjie has a broad expertise on genetic engineering of bacteria and fungi and is eager to tie academic research with sustainable industrial application.