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No exploitation of nature

Clean cosmetics ingredients

Through our technology you can now obtain many different cosmetic ingredients in a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly way.

What we offer

Inspired by the production of cosmetic ingredients by their natural sources, we develop yeast cells capable of biologically transforming raw sugars into cosmetic ingredients that today are only obtainable from either exhaustive exploitation of nature or chemical synthesis. In addition, our bio-based process allows the production of ingredients with improved functions and specificity.

What you want in quantities you need

Our technology allows the production of many different cosmetic ingredients in a way that is more sustainable and environmentally-friendly compared to conventional production methods. In addition, fermentation-based production is more readily scalable, and allows quick adjustment of production to market needs.

Our products

This product class primarily includes fatty alcohols and fatty acid esters of different chain lengths. These compounds can be used as emollients, emulsifiers and thickening agents in various cosmetic products.


Which benefits are most important is up to each industrial player to decide. But for us it seems it all can be boiled down to the following:


Dependence on rare or exotic natural sources can be an issue in any supply chain. Due to use of readily-available feedstocks as sugar sources, production via fermentation is scalable, and can be easily adjusted to market needs.

Responsible production

Being flexible in terms of location and scale, our customers can obtain the required products without exploiting exotic natural habitats. Furthermore, our production route allows control over the origin of the material and virtually the whole process chain. In addition, the carbon footprint of the whole process is widely reduced since the transportation requirements are minimized.

Quality of product

We have control over the bioprocesses that make your product, which means a superior quality and tailored functions. Our producer organisms are analyzed at a molecular level and engineered in a way that enables us to setup a required final product of choice.


We’re looking for interesting partnership projects within the field of cosmetics.

We see great pontential for our technology within the field of cosmetics. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a discussion on how to set up a mutual project.