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Specific ingredients now readily available

Quality food ingredients

We offer engineered yeast strains that can produce quality food ingredients that are otherwise only obtained from exhaustive exploitation of their natural plant sources.

What we offer

Due to constantly growing demand for various plant-based food ingredients, food industries face challenges such as lack of supply as well as market volatility for specific ingredients.


Which benefits are most important is up to each industrial player to decide. But for us it seems it all can be boiled down to the following.


Dependence on rare or exotic natural sources can be an issue in any supply chain. Due to use of readily-available feedstocks as sugar sources, production via fermentation is scalable, and can be easily adjusted to market needs.

Responsible production

Being flexible in terms of location and scale, our customers can obtain the required products without exploiting exotic natural habitats. Furthermore, our production route allows control over the origin of the material and virtually the whole process chain. In addition, the carbon footprint of the whole process is widely reduced since the transportation requirements are minimized.

Safe Products

By using baker’s yeast as our initial cell factory, we can assure the safety of the process for production of food ingredients without harmful side-products.


We’re looking for interesting partnership projects within the field of food ingredients.