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Specialized Yeast Platform Strains

Our patent-protected platform strains are a series of strains engineered for high level production of important precursors for different products. Such strains allow for rapid development of production processes for products synthesized from these precursors by introduction of specialized enzymes (“plug and play”)


Lipids and Fatty acids


This platform includes yeast strains engineered for high level accumulation of fatty acids. These fatty acids and derived products can be used in different industries such as cosmetics, fragrances, flavours, lubricants, pharmaceuticals and food ingredients.

Using specialized enzymes and pathways, specific properties can be introduced into the products of interest, such as desaturation, chain length and functionalization.

The Blipid™ platform is compatible with our available YEASTsense™ biosensors for different precursors and products, allowing for rapid screening of high producers.

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Ornithine and Polyamines


This platform includes yeast strains whose metabolism has been extensively engineered for high level production of the amino acid ornithine. Ornithine can be further converted into polyamines such as putrescine, spermidine and spermine.

These specialized polyamines not only function as chemical precursors and cosmetic ingredients but also have beneficial properties for promotion of longevity and treatment of age-associated conditions.

Relevant patent families

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Relevant publications

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Recombinant Proteins


This platform includes yeast strains that have been engineered to enable production and secretion of high levels of heterologous proteins such as biopharmaceuticals and industrial enzymes.

Relevant publications

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